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Combined Ford / Dealer Fair Collection Notice

We may modify or update this notice from time to time.  If we and/or St Michaels Garage Limited change this notice, we will notify you of the changes.  Where changes will have a fundamental impact on the nature of the processing or otherwise have a substantial impact on you, we will give you sufficient advance notice so that you have the opportunity to exercise your rights in relation to your personal information (for example, to object to the processing).

Repair, diagnosis and servicing for your Ford vehicle

When your Ford vehicle was manufactured it was assigned a unique number (the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN). From the VIN we can tell certain information about your vehicle, including its model, age, the software it uses, its technical specifications.

In order to diagnose, analyse, repair or service your vehicle, the technicians working on it will need to collect the VIN together with certain diagnostic information and information about the current state of your vehicle (for example, what software versions it is using, its mileage etc.).

This information will be transferred to a system run by Ford so that the technicians working on your vehicle can be provided with vehicle-specific repair, maintenance and diagnostic information (such as wiring diagrams and vehicle software updates) and information about any past work carried out on your vehicle to assist them to diagnose, repair and/or service it and to enable them to maintain their records.

To make sure your vehicle has a comprehensive diagnosis record, information about what work is done to your vehicle when it is serviced or repaired will be linked to the VIN of your vehicle. This will be transferred to the system and stored so that Ford (or any third parties it authorises to use the system in this way) can make information about past repair or service available to any dealer or repairer anywhere in the world who needs to repair or service your vehicle.

The information held on the system is also used by Ford to enable the diagnosis, repair of your vehicle, to manage and administer warranties and similar products and services, for product safety and research and development purposes and to enable Ford to comply with its legal obligations.

In addition to the transfers of information described above, Ford may also pass this information to:

You can find out more about the legal grounds we rely on when we use your personal information in the section named 'The lawful grounds that will be relied upon when your personal information is used' above.

Given the global nature of the system, VIN information is transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area by Ford. You can find out more about the international transfers of personal information in the section named 'Transferring your personal information internationally' above.

As this information is a formal record of your vehicle, we retain it for 20 years.

If you have any questions, or would like to access the information about your VIN held in the system or exercise any of the other rights you have in relation to your personal information (you can find out more about these above), please contact Ford at:

Privacy Enquiry
PO Box 2318
G33 9DD

Or at

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